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    I’ve been bouncing between themes to test a site and while I think my question applies to all the finalist (All Responsive Themes) I’m currently thinking Outreach v2.0.

    I have Executive, Outreach and Agency.

    Outreach breaks the page up nicely so I think I can have more control on various backgrounds.  Executive just the opposite and the color control on Agency is complicated with the two-tone image etc.

    In ALL cases however I’d like my slider to NOT span the width of the frame but to have a Contact Box (using Gravity Forms) to the immediate right of the slider.  While I’m not afraid to modify the functions.php if someone tells me what to do, I have no clue how to do it.  Furthermore I have no idea if this move would compromise the responsive design of these themes.

    Can someone tell me if this is a bad idea vis-a-vis the responsive theme and if it’s OK, how do I do it?




    John — I’m very glad you posted this question, because this is something I’d like to do with on my Outreach theme as well (in addition to altering the header). I do have a “helper” who has offered to walk me through editing the functions.php, but like you, I would like to know how this would affect the theme.

    I read through a question here on the forums posted by Paul in January (post #14788) regarding altering the size of the slider, and he did get a response to that, and by clicking on his link you can see that he was apparently successful. My “expert” referenced above has recommended an alternate slider and has provided me instructions on using shortcode to set it up as a widget.

    Part Two of this question for me would be: If one were to either adjust the size of the Genesis Responsive Slider, or replace it with a smaller slider, will there be any additional issues with adding something else to the right of the slider via the Home Featured area?

    I’ll be following your discussion here, John.





    Thanks.  Sorry to be a dolt but I don’t know how to search this forum by post number. Can you post the link to the article or give its title?




    Certainly! I should have done that before — my apologies for being lazy. :) Here it is:




    OK Community… First time working with hooks.

    Following these two tutorials:

    Brian Gardners Tutorial  –  Kickstart Your Email List with a Featured Box


    Nick the Geek’s Tutorial –  How to Add a Widgeted Area (aka Sidebar)

    I’ve managed to get the basics of what I’m trying to do which is to ADD a widget beside the Outreach Slider but still within the Home Featured Area.

    On the Outreach Theme, that slider is the only think within the Loop.  It is preceded by the hooks “genesis_before_content_sidebar_wrap”, “genesis_before_content” and “genesis_before_loop”.

    Once in the loop there is a div “home-featured widget-area”.  I ASSUME this is the area I want to put my code.

    1. Do I need my code to be within the loop or do I put if following the hook “genesis_after_loop

    2. I’ve created code to “register” my block in the functions.php as follows

    genesis_register_sidebar( array(
    ‘id’                => ‘home-quote’,
    ‘name’            => __( ‘Home Quote’ ),
    ‘description’    => __( ‘Quote Box after slider on home page.’ ),
    ) );

    Now I’m looking at my home.php and don’t know exactly where to put my code to call the function.  I gave it a try and didn’t break anything but then again I didn’t see anything either.

    Here is what I did.

    In home.php

    I entered this function just below the function called outreach_home_featured

    function outreach_home_quote() {

    echo ‘<div class=”home-quote”>';
    dynamic_sidebar( ‘home-quote’ );
    echo ‘</div>';


    Further up the page I added ‘outreach_home_quote’ to this action line like this:

    add_action( ‘genesis_loop’, ‘outreach_home_featured’, ‘home_quote’ );

    my logic here was that home_quote should follow directly on the heels of home_featured

    3.  Should home_quote be WITHIN the Div that holds the slider?

    I’m not getting anything to display right now so any help would be appreciated.




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