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    I follow online instructions for adding a StudioPress Affiliate link to my child theme footer as seen here. I added to code to the finctions.php file, updated the file and received a Server Error report. I clicked back and removed the code, updated the file again and received  the same Server Error report. I can’t access the site anymore :(

    What can I do???

    Thank you for any and all help! Im relatively new to this and probably shouldn’t have messed with anything this far over my head….




    Ryan – I can guarantee we have all done that at one time or another, so don’t stress!

    To access your site, you will want to log into your host site, delete the child theme folder, and upload a clean copy.

    It’s recommended that php changes be done through FTP and a code editor, so that you can revert changes without breaking your site.
    Good luck!

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    Doak Heggeness

    I would just go into your cPanel and access your functions.php file and delete the code you just put in. In the future I would do as Susan suggests.

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    Thanks guys :) Newbie mistake, but my heart sank for a while… Was able to restore everything via the cPanel. Sorry for the premature freakout.



    FYI, if someone finds this in the future for a similar problem. here is a tutorial I wrote to help out



    Thanks for the great tips Nick!

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    So this just happened. What makes the situation scary is, that I don’t have the current FTP/Cpanel login, and the guy who has them, can’t be reached until next week or so. Is there *any* other way to restore a site that went down due to adding *correctly* a snippet of code to the bottom of functions.php? I copied the code from a tutorial on here, I didn’t include the top line (which says not to include it). Now all I see is white.

    I was simply doing a switch from our old theme to Genesis+Metro. I added a code to take out the default footer text and replace with our own. Now I can’t even login to WordPress.



    Ok I was able to get the FTP info and just replaced the functions.php through there and that did it. From now on, I will not add codes to the php, even if they’re directly from the tutorials… Or will but with some super caution and an experienced php person with me :)

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