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    My company recently required licensed vendors to add a special code to the top of all website pages. This HTML codes indicates that our websites are approved and that we are Independent distributors not the company iteself.

    Here is what is required.

    Dealers are required to add the Authorized Dealer logo and code. To install this code, you will need to have access to the HTML of your website.

    1.Install the line of code just after the opening “body” tag of each page where visitors can arrive on your website. This will also install a “div” element just below the script at the very top of the page which will hold the graphics and your personal information.

    2.The line of code can also be installed in a site which utilizes a master page format to provide the logo on every page. This may also require installing the script in the “head” section of each page. The specific location of your master page and the appropriate place to install the code will vary with different website setups.

    Here is the exact code: <script src=”″></script>

    Can someone explain where and how this will go on my website.
    I’m running stock Genesis



    Try the Genesis > Theme Settings > Header and Footer scripts



    What that worked great. Who would have thought that Genesis had this integrated into it!




    I have to do something similar — I need to add iframe code immediately after the body tag. But if I put it in the “header” script it won’t output because the code is before the body tag — it needs to be after. If I put it in the footer script, the iframe winds up at the bottom of the page instead of the top.

    How do I get the iframe up to the top of the page?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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