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    I’m using the magazine pro theme and am trying to add a sidebar on the left hand side of my posts to include article tools like Facebook and Twitter share buttons. I would like this to display much like on the New York Times story pages (i.e. this sidebar would be positioned immediately next to the post text but beneath the headline and any images). For an example of this positioning, please refer to (look for the tools on the left like “email” “facebook” etc.).

    Essentially, I’m looking for advice on how to either add a new sidebar in this position or modify the location of the optional left (secondary) sidebar already included in the theme. I’ve attempted to modify the secondary sidebar, but have had no luck incorporating it directly within the post so that it only begins beneath the headline and any image that extends across the top of the story.

    Any advice or suggestions on how to accomplish would be much appreciated! Thank you!




    Thanks so much for your suggestion! This is definitely moving in the right direction, but there are two problems:

    • I think there needs to be some sort of “is_single” or similar code inserted because this is currently affecting the layout on my homepage and category pages as opposed to just the post pages. I’m just not quite sure where to insert the “is_single” code within the function.

    • Separately, this is forcing the right (primary) sidebar to be pushed down so that it aligns with the top of the body text. I would like that sidebar to remain aligned with the top of the headline. Any ideas how to accomplish that?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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