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    Hello! I recently installed the Adorable theme and have been having issues with my Feedburner feed not sending updates to my readers. When I checked on the reason why, Feedburner said there was an error on line 26: column 22: Undefined dc_creator element: br [help]

    <dc:creator>Jennifer<br><img src=”” alt=”Jennifer” class=”avatar” width=’5

    Anyway, I also noticed that above a new post, it looks like there is something wrong with the author area, and I am thinking this is causing the error with Feedburner as well.
    Here is a screen shot of what I am seeing right above each post.

    Does anyone know how I would fix this?

    Thanks for your help!


    The Adorable Theme was developed by Lindsey of Pretty Darn Cute. She has her own support system there – I don’t see the error on her demo. You may want to put in a Support ticket there.



    Hi, thanks for the reply! Before I submit a support ticket, I thought I would try to fix this minor error in the code myself if possible.

    Could anyone please tell me what part of the code I should look for, to fix this?

    Thank you!



    Unfortunately, you are having a theme specific issue since you just installed it. The developer may already be aware of this issue, so it would be best to contact her.


    Rahn and Dianna

    Not sure if you got this resolved or not. We just installed Adorable, so I was looking into what issues people are having with

    From your initial post, it looks like your image is missing the source. That means there’s no picture to look it.
    I don’t know if that affects feedburner or not, but thought I’d point it out to you as a place to start looking.
    (Looking at your site, I don’t see the issue.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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