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    Some from Studio Press please lead –

    We are not in favour in commenting why you guys retired theme just with no guidance

    But at least tell us – is it still safe to use the theme?  Eg Sleek – client has selected this – now stuck !





    Sane concern here.


    Bill Murray

    Safe? Yes. Will it be completely hassle free? No. Will any theme, even a non-retired theme, be completely hassle free? No.

    Retired themes work fine, but updates to Genesis or WordPress itself may cause the operation of some features to break. That is true of any them Genesis or otherwise.

    As an example of changes that can create hassle, Sleek used a method to select a custom style sheet that was changed in a Genesis update. Making the custom style sheet work with Sleek required commenting out 1 line in functions.php and activating a free plugin. In other words, it was only a slight hassle to implement those changes. Nothing was permanently broken. We do managed WP hosting and have a number of retired themes. We make these minor adjustments so things continue to work normally. As you can see, Sleek runs fine under the just released Genesis 1.9.1 and WP 3.5 on our Sleek demo site, so you and your client should be fine, especially since you’re approaching it with eyes wide open.

    @Lorange, I can’t speak for StudioPress, but time changes everything. Retired themes continue to get support, so there’s no need to feel abandoned. You get the benefit of using a framework because most new features come from the framework, not the child theme, so although you are using a retired theme, you’re not standing still. Child themes are largely styling, and once set, that tends to change very little.

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    Thanks so much


    You guys are superd

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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