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    I’m using Cre8tive Burst, and I love the look of the Featured area, which in the demo contains the Latest Tweets widget. I have the Latest Tweets widget in that area, but cannot get the tweets to appear. I’ve compared my settings in the widget to the theme tutorials, and I’m pretty sure I have that all set up correctly (mine matches the tutorial screenshot, with my info, of course). I’ve also entered all my Twitter API settings in the Genesis Twitter settings. Still no luck.

    So, I’d like to either know if someone has an idea about why my tweets aren’t showing up, OR any suggestions for a way I can make use of the Featured area, with another widget perhaps. I tried putting a Text widget in there, but the text is aligned left and doesn’t look very attractive.

    As I said, I love the look with the Featured area activated — good color balance, and more usable space. Any good ideas on how to use this space?

    My site is:

    Thank you.


    They changed the how the code works. You now have to create an API Key in your Twitter account. Then take the codes and add them to the new plugin. I’ve been using just the regular Latest Tweets by Tim Whitlock – If you need some assistance with getting this to work, send me a message on my website.



    Hi Anita,

    Thank you for the reply. I did create an API Key in my Twitter account, following a tutorial I found online. I was able to get the four pieces of information required in the Latest Tweets Settings, and I do have those inserted in my Dashboard.

    I’ll check to see which widget I have, and will look into the one you mentioned.

    I’ve sent you a message through the contact form on your website with more details.

    Thank you!



    Anita — You’re an angel! I got it to work, thanks to the instructions you gave me via email. Yay!!

    For anyone viewing this thread later on, here’s what I did (on Anita’s advice):

    1. I de-activated the Genesis Latest Tweets plugin.
    2. Installed the “Latest Tweets” plugin, the one from Tim Whitlock.
    3. Since the Genesis Latest Tweets plugin was removed, I needed to go back and re-enter my Twitter API settings. (These fields are now found in the Dashboard under “Settings”.) If you don’t know how to get your Twitter API settings, here is a link that will help: I filled in all four fields and saved the settings.
    4. Now I went back to my Widgets page (Appearance>Widgets) and placed the new Latest Tweets widget in the Featured area. I left the Title field blank because I don’t like the way the title displays on the site. I entered my twitter handle (without the @ sign), set the number of tweets I wanted to show, then checked the appropriate other boxes. Clicked Save.

    All done.



    Oh, you’re welcome! Glad it works for you. I used to have Cre8tive Burst running on my website and that’s what I switched to.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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