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    Has anyone found a suitable replacement for GFWA that isn’t quite so touchy to work with in Genesis 2.0 and WP 3.8.1?

    I’ve usually been able to concoct workarounds to be able to finally get the configurations to stick, but it’s becoming more and more cumbersome & time-consuming to do so.

    I’d guess it’s only a matter of another update or two before it becomes 100% unusable, and since there’s no word yet on if an update is even in the works, having a backup plan might not be such a bad idea :)

    Something that works well with custom post types AND custom taxonomies is what I primarily need… suggestions?



    Summer – were you able to find something? I’ve actually just gone back to using the Genesis Featured Post and Featured Pages widget, because of the issue you had identified.

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    Not as yet. It’s a little disappointing, since GFWA allows several options that the default Featured Posts widget doesn’t. I’m still operating with fingers crossed, not touching the widgets on sites that work, and gaming the settings whenever I have to set up something new.

    I wouldn’t even begin to know what to look for in the GFWA code as the cause of the problems, to see if I could tweak it (it was much easier for me to tweak an earlier version of the Genesis Co-Authors Plus plugin to get it to do what I needed)

    I do want to try that Genesis Featured Page Extras plugin, though.



    Just dropping in a placemarker here after learning about this thread. GFWA is succeeded by the branched “Genesis Sandbox Featured Content Widget” by Travis Smith (literally a new version of GFWA)

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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