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    ok this sound dumb. But I can’t get the author box to appear on my posts – you know at the bottom…

    I thought it would be as simple as adding info to my profile in the biographical section and then checking the boxes that say “enable author-box on this user’s posts”.

    I’ve found tutorials on how to customize it but I can’t even get it to appear first.

    Anyone know what I’m overlooking?

    my site:



    ok. well, I got the author-box to appear. I was actually looking at my category blog page when I didn’t see it.

    I guess that the author-box only appears on the actual post itself, right? Because I first had a category link on my nav menu and it wouldn’t show the author-box on the post there.

    So then I created the category blog page and I can’t get the author box to appear on those entries either.

    I suppose I’m not really sure which would be the best way to set things up to get the result I want. This is what I really want to do:

    Have one post (sticky) at the top with author box and excerpts of other posts below (all the same category). I thought I could achieve this with the blog page and sticky but that didn’t work the way I wanted.

    Can I create a regular page with the content I want at the top that always stays the same and then use a grid loop for the excerpts to stream below?
    I’m working on the “Market Data” here:

    Thanks for any pointers y’all might have. :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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