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    Hi guys, its me again.

    I have this problem with bbPress and Sample theme.

    Whenever a user registers on my site, he/she has an access to the dashboard.
    I see this forum does not have that sort of dashboard access.

    So any idea how I can make my users just to normally register and login, like on this forum without them seeing dashboard?

    I also have very annoying problem with text fields. I am using Mozilla and whenever I try to type into the search for example on my site or on the registration form it gets bugged. Can anyone tell me why?



    I would suggest you ask this question on the bbPress forum as its related to the plugin rather than any theme. You;ll get the best support for the plugin on their site.



    Thanks Brad, I will do that you are right.

    I am now posting solutions that I found (you would be amazed how much you need to google for a few lines of simple code sometimes).

    1) Removing dashboard for logged in users (except for admin) (add it in functions.php child theme, works for all themes!)

    2) Blocking spammers when trying to register, – Install this plugin
    Great plugin, so far I havenĀ“t had a single fake,bot registration.
    However it is a bit annoying for the users. Does anyone know a better way?

    3) I still have problem with text fields. Can anyone help me out on this one. Here is the thing. When you try to enter anything either in search sidebar field or registration field for example, letters get stuck. I have no idea why. Any thoughts? You can see what I am talking about by simply trying to enter anything in email or name field in my upper log in widget.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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