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    I’ve tried using genesis_entry_header in the Simple Hooks plugin…. but it places my Ad above the Date/Posted-by meta information. (after the post title)

    Is there a way to put an ad within the content? After Date/Posted-By and before the actual content.



    Add a third parameter for positioning priority.

    Please paste all the code for the add in Pastebin or Github Gists and leave a link here.

    I will put the code into a custom function for you with.

    Link to your site as well thanks.



    Thanks for the reply.

    The question is more about how to use the right hook. (if it exists now with Genesis 2.0)

    Just using a standard image html tag to insert an image.

    I want the image to appear after(underneath) the “Date” and “Posted By” meta information after the post title. (before the content)

    I put the image code in genesis_entry_header hook with the Simple Hooks plugin active.

    The problem/issue is easy to reproduce.

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    The edit/code is all messed up…. basically, I’m just trying to insert an image.



    Hey Kurt,

    I see it’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard anything on your topic. Not sure if you’ve resolved the issue but in order to achieve what you’re looking for you’d want to enter you image code into the…

    “genesis_post_content” Hook in simple hooks.

    This will output the image under the Date, Time and Author but before your post content.

    If you haven’t already, you may want to install the Genesis visual hook guide plugin located here…


    It will help you immensely when trying to figure out which hook to use.

    Once you’ve installed, view a post in your browser. Hover over the “G Hook Guide” link in the admin bar and click “Action Hooks” to see all the Hooks on the page.

    Hope this helps.

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