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    OK, so I want to build a custom theme because I simply can’t find one that I am happy with.

    I am fairly new to web designs but keen to learn and I learn best by doing.

    I like full width hero images that includes a key message on the left and a signup box on the right.

    Below that I will have links to various pages and a short (latest 2) blog post snippets.

    Say I wanted to create a landing page that looked like the page, how would I do this with a genesis them? I have read through the documentation but can’t find any hooks or structural elements that add a large feature hero unit…

    How do I add custom divs to the page markup so that I can style individual elements in the style.css ?

    Apologies if this is a beginner question, but I am keen to learn!


    Is anyone able to offer some advice?



    I would start with the Genesis 2.0 Sample child theme.

    Then you can ask one question at a time here which should get answered quickly.

    Did you see the new Lifestyle theme that was released this week?


    Thanks Braddalton. I will give that a try :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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