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    I’m using the Genesis extender plug in and the base Genesis theme.

    Site is

    I’m having trouble getting the subnav hover to change to yellow just like the top level. The command I have been trying is this. I can’t change any aspect of the subnav menu, i’m not sure why it isn’t working. Can anyone please help?

    .menu-primary li li a:active, .menu-primary li li a:hover {
    color: #FCC001;
    font-weight: bold;




    I’m also having problems with sub nav colours. I’m using the Balance child theme.

    I used some generic code by following the link below that changed my hover colour, but didn’t deal with the issue I’m experiencing… that being I can’t change the colour of the drop-down tab when I hover over the parent tab… so it’s a background colour issue I guess…? (I have now stripped this code out of the to try and use the code from Balance to remedy my issues.

    This essentially is :: The tab that appears below the parent when I hover over the parent (About Us) is a plain white tab. I want to change the appearance of this tab, (either by creating an outline and displaying the site background colour or by changing the block colour of the tab). I’d really appreciate any help on this issue that anyone can offer.

    (I’d have started my own thread if I could figure out how… it’s my first time on here and I’ve looked everywhere for a ‘start a new thread’ option and couldn’t find one.. sorry… however, the link below may sort your issue out for you and my topic is very much related… so I guess it’s ok? If anyone would be kind enough to let me know how to start my own thread I would be very grateful.)

    Good luck with this:




    To start a new thread, you go to the bottom of the forum page. I know, it seems backwards. But that’s where you do it. Hope that helps.




    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your response. Very much appreciated.

    I tried looking at the bottom of the page on the front page of the Community Forum, scoured the footer etc… but can’t see anything to do with starting a new thread. Can you please be kind enough to tell me what i’m looking for? Many thanks :0)



    Hi Rachel,

    You’re searching for a ‘create new thread’ button. There’s no such button.

    The create new thread options are already at the bottom of the page. Check:

    Create new thread



    Hi Marcoevich,

    Thanks so much for including an image. The display shown was very different from what I was looking at, and so I realised i was in the wrong place! I’ve had a couple of instructions from Studiopress to go to the home page of the forum to start a new thread (i.e. provided with a link to the home page with the instruction to start a new topic on that page!)… hence my confusion! Through your response I realised that I needed to go elsewhere, and the obvious place to go was within discussion areas by following one of the links on the home page… and so of course I found the response area! Thank you very much!

    Rachel :0)


    Gary Jones

    I’m using the Genesis extender plug in and the base Genesis theme.

    Please, don’t use the Genesis theme – use a child theme. You’ll thank me later.

    For general assistance with Genesis Extender plugin, please use the Genesis Extender forums – they’ll be more experienced to answer your question.

    In this case however, your code is targeting .menu-primary (that’s the primary nav) rather than .menu-secondary (which is the secondary nav aka subnav).

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