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    Wonder if anyone can assist.

    I have set up some menu items as categories so that each time a new post/page is created under the category its automatically added under the relevant menu item.

    I also then added some posts/pages as sub-items under this menu category (Treatments) that need to be displayed in the order shown in the menu listing.

    There are 2 challenges that I now have:-

    1. Any item created using  a category to display in the menu item is showing up based on the date/time it was created (I think)

    Is there a way to display each post/page in a custom order or a way to create the same menu/layout using pages? I cant get the page menu items to display all of the required content hence the use of categories.

    2. As the menu items were created using category rather than page, I dont have breadcrumbs on these.

    Is there either a way to add a breadcrumb to a category or assuming there’s a solution to point 1 above, then a page structure will take care of this

    Im using the lifestyle theme, website is  Please see Treatments for point 1 above.

    Many Thanks in advance




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    From what I can see, you’ve got the breadcrumbs working on the category pages?

    But looking at the category pages, you may have replaced them with blog listing pages?

    Do you still need help on this or can it be marked as resolved?

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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