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    I’m new to StudioPress. I downloaded the Magazine Pro theme, which is a child theme of Genesis. Now I want to modify Magazine Pro theme but I can’t make a child theme out of Magazine Pro. I’m getting invalid parent theme error.

    Will the child theme I bought going to be updated in the future or just the Genesis theme will be updated? If only Genesis will be updated I guess I can just modify my child theme without worrying about future updates. However if the child theme will be updated eventually what’s the best way to make changes to the child theme and not losing my modifications in the future when it is updated?



    I had the same thoughts as I too am new to Genesis. I’ve read around and gathered that one goes ahead and customises the original child theme at will, as it’s the framework Genesis that gets updates. Sure, some themes have been updated to ‘pro’ versions with html 5 recently, but just stick with your child theme until you’re ready, a few years down the line, to change theme altogether.

    Carrie Dils has some great advice on genesis, and loads of very useful tutorials. She addresses just this issue in her post:

    which is a Q&A of FAQs on genesis vs other 3rd party themes. Scroll down a bit for the answer to your query here.



    That totally answers my question. Thanks for the link!
    Since I already got a html 5 child I don’t see the child theme being updated again for many years.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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