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    Hello All,

    I just got the Genesis framework and am excited! I want to choose a child theme for my recipe and food blog. Foodie seems to be the popular choice and has also been the top selling theme for several months. But some of the functionality that is a priority, such as Schema Markup, only comes via the Easy Recipe plugin. This could in fact be added to any theme.

    I would like to hear people’s first hand experiences with Foodie.

    I like some other themes like Lifestyle and Modern Blogger Pro.

    I think the subdued design of Foodie makes the food images stand out.

    Can you please help me choose?


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    I’ve used the older Lifestyle theme, and quite enjoyed it – not so keen on the newer, Pro, version. But I’m sure that would work for a recipe site. Haven’t used the others so can’t comment on them.

    However, I’m currently building my own photography site, and using Ambience Pro. Must admit, I really like this theme. If you don’t want too much information on the front page – just a title and an image – it would be well worth checking it out. What I really like about it is the way the theme almost disappears and lets the images speak for themselves. I could see it working well for a recipe site using the plugin you mention.

    Hope that helps, and doesn’t just confuse you more.



    Thanks Paul…your site looks awesome…i can see it fits a photography theme photos aren’t that great :O …definitely looking to improve on them though..

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    You’re very kind, thank you.



    Hola xicos desde EspaƱa sabeis como en la seccion del menu principal del tema FOODIE llamada RECIPES

    Mi pregunta como puedo hacer esa caja de

    estaria muy bien para mi sitio una caja asi

    muchas gracias

    victor manuel

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