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    In the column classes, if the columns are not “balanced” or evenly distributed and you want to start a brand new paragraph – the paragraph starts under the last column. What code would we insert in addition to the last to get the new paragraph to go back to left justified?


    Posh John

    You could try wrapping your columns in a new div, and then adding a pseudo class to your new div, like..

    .your-new-div:after {

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    The only problem with that is having to do that each time. That might be too complicated to explain to a client. But thank you for the tip.



    I’m searching for the solution to this too. I’m fine mucking about with div tags and stuff, but it isn’t going to fly with my clients. Does anyone else have a work around for this?



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    @RobinCornett responded on Twitter to add this to the end of the last column.

    <br clear="all">


    Just to clarify: not inside the div for the last column, it needs to be outside the column div, so (for example) right above your next heading or paragraph. HTH

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    Oh, thanks Robin!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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