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    Hi There

    I am using the Corporate Child Theme.
    My question has to do with Internet Explorer 8 and a possible compatibility problem.
    My friend (who own the company) is telling me that the 5 images on the Home Page are not showing on their computer – they are using IE8.  I can not replicate the problem :-(
    I have tried using the Featured Page widget and at the moment the html has been copied into a text box.
    While doing some research it seems that you can add conditional code for IE8 – but Im not sure what and where.
    Jennifer (from support) said: “I did quickly take a look at the site in IE8. It looks fine to me as well. I believe your client may be using IE8 in compatibility mode, which mimics IE7.”
    Is there anything I can do with the coding though for users who don’t know about compatibility mode.

    Is there also any way to know the % of people who are still using IE 8?
    Thanks in advance.


    David Chu

    IE8 is very poor at displaying images. I have one very addled client who has IE8 on XP, and won’t upgrade anything. And of course, I charge for time wasted supporting IE8. :-)

    You have a double-whammy here, though. HTML tables and the image problem. So my usual IE8 fix may or may not work in that context. The general idea is that you have to tell stupid IE8 very explicitly how to size images. You could try this CSS, which attempts to make your images in the table on the homepage have that width:

    .home td img {
      width: 250px;

    Good luck,

    Dave Chu · Custom WordPress Developer – likes collaborating with Designers



    Thanks David for your help.  Shall give that a try.

    Appreciate your help  :-)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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