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    OK, I’ll try and make this easy if I can.

    I’m using the Prose theme and have a number of posts already in various categories.
    Currently, I have the Welcome page set as static.

    What I wish to do is to be able to click (from nav bar) and have a page displaying the posts in that category laid out like a magazine style OR in columns as apposed to just running down the page like it is now. I know how to make columns but not sure how to take what I already have and do so if that makes sense?

    I am also confused about Landing page versus Home page.
    What is the difference, if any? Is it relevant?

    I do not have a set Home page yet although I do have Prose Extras and all suitable plugs.

    I WOULD like a home page where I could layout categories with pics within a nice bordered image like magazine style.

    Any direction would be appreciated.


    You could add a portfolio style category archive to the Prose theme.

    I wrote about this recently.



    Thanks Brad, I’ll check that out!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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