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    i am using Prose theme.How do I change the width of the content ( wrap) area. I want it little wider. Apprciate to know the code and where to paste it. I am quite new to themes and css , so appreciate to explain as if explaining to a novice.



    Hi Faisal,

    You wouldn’t paste code in this case, you would be adjusting code that is already there. Go to your child theme folder, open up style.css and search for “wrap” if that’s what you want to change. But keep in mind that if you change this width it will likely affect other things on your site, you will want to keep back up copies of your files so you can revert to an older version of your CSS file without having to start from scratch.

    the best way to learn is to keep trying and tweaking, making mistakes, fixing them, and trying again.

    Also it’s best to first learn how to use Inspect Element in your browser or to use Firebug for Firefox (my preference, it is a plugin extension for Firefox browser).

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    But I heard that if I paste code in the end, it can take precedence over the code in child theme ? Shouldnt that be the right way. In case the code does not work, it can be deleted easily.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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