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    Currently i have all of my categories listed on the lower menu. I would like to create an individual page template for each one of those categories. There are 11 categories. I would like to acheive the following: when a use click on the menu item, i would like them to arrive at a page similar to the Home/index page, except that the content on that page would be content only from that category. I would like for that page to be widgetted, so that posts from that category can be easier and cleanly auto updated, much like the capability of the ‘featured posts’ in the homepage/sidebar widget.

    So, for my goal in achieving this, do i need to create 11 new/unique page templates? also, if i want a template TOP and 2 column (template left and template right) widegtted area in each template, would i end up with a total of 33 new widget areas?

    Example: new template called “apparel” and widget areas called ‘apparel top’, ‘apparel-left’ and ‘apparel-right’???

    is my thought process correct for this goal??? is there another option or suggestion I am not aware of? is there a better and easier way to achieve a custom widegtted page for each category?

    if this is the only way to create a custom page with widget areas (top full width and bottom 2 columns), can you please explain how i can create the template and the widget areas? I will simply do that process 11 times, until all category items have their own unique widgetted home sections.

    thank you so much for the time, consideration and help. if this is an outrageous thought of mine, please advise. i am up for any suggestions. thanks again!




    anyone have any thought on this?

    I have no problem create the page templates and widget areas… just wondering if there was another easier solution so that my admin widget area¬†doesn’t¬†consist of 33 tabs. but if this is the only way to accomplish that… no problem…

    also, might there be any security concerns, or things to be mindful of when creating so many templates and widget areas? or is it safe to create as many as you need..





    it sounds like you will need unique templates. You may find it better to hard code loops into the templates instead of using a bunch of widget areas though.



    thanks nick! i appreciate the help… I’ll look into hard coding loops into the templates… thanks again!



    Hi Lexton,

    I want to do the same thing with my page templates… Did you figure it out?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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