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    Is it possible to create page/post templates so that when I want to post certain content, I can select the template and just enter the necessary information like pictures/text into the appropriate sections?

    I am trying to create an ecommerce site. The sidebar that I have will house all the necessary links to different categories/products, sign-up forms, banners for promotions etc. It is the page/post section that I want to customize according to different content needs.

    For example, products will have the image on the left, wordings on the right, and further information to the bottom etc, all properly divided according to a pre-set template.

    Then, I will have regular blog posts that looks like a regular blog post with no pre-set template.

    Is there such a plugin that can help achieve this?



    Just to add on that I would like the template to be applied to both pages and posts. Thanks.



    I am working on it as soon i fnished the concept i will let you know .



    Yes, you can create custom page and post templates. They will need to be hand coded based on your requirements. You could start with the landing page template from a child theme and modify/add code to that.

    You can also add custom fields to the template however this would require a fair amount of PHP knowledge.

    This plugin also enables you to create custom single post templates

    Another option is to create a custom post type

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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