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    We have a site using the AgentPress child theme. When we launched the site, all was okay. Suddenly after 3 weeks of being live, the site began to not load the CSS. We would load the site and the CSS is not added.

    The only way I was able to resolve this each time was to login to the Dashboard and click Slider Settings then save it.

    I have no clue if it is the slider but that is the only way we can get the CSS to load again. It is this file: http://www.cb-jaco.com/wp-content/themes/agentpress/style.css

    What would be the cause of this? Our hosting company said it is the developer’s problem not theirs. They also said that we should change the WP address and Site address to http://cb-jaco.com which makes zero sense to me on how this is related. No script or CSS is using http://cb-jaco.com as the root URL

    Please help us figure out why this is happening.




    That’s a curious issue indeed! How did you determine that saving the Slider Settings resolved the issue? Are you using the Genesis Responsive Slider or a different slider plugin?

    At a glance your stylesheet looks fine. To me that sounds like a bizarre plugin conflict. Standard plugin troubleshooting is to deactivate them ALL, check your site, and then re-activate one at a time until you find the culprit. If your problem is intermittent that could pose a challenge.

    Who’s your host? My only other thought is some caching issue (do you use a caching plugin?). The non-www URL sounds irrelevant and like a lazy answer… :)


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    Greetings Carrie,

    Definitely lazy answer on the part of Media Temple who is our host.

    Of course, the standard deactivation of the plugins was in my mind but the intermittent nature of the issue will not reveal itself upon deactivation of any plugin.

    Yes we are using the Genesis slider for the homepage and a Nivo for listing pages.

    I chose to use the Slider save option because the issue with the site was the CSS was not loading, so I thought if I reminded WP that Genesis was active, it would then load the CSS and thus it worked. I initially tried to activate Twenty Twelve and then reactivate Agentpress but that did not work, so I tried the only Save option built into Genesis and that was the slider.

    The site is very popular and is receiving a large amount of traffic, so I tried a tweak by turning off the logs on our redirects. I am hopeful this will resolve the issue but I still do not see the connection between that and why the Agentpress CSS file would not be loaded.

    If you open the site and comment out the stylesheet that is exactly how the site loads when broken.

    Thanks for the reply, hopefully someone unfortunate to have this happen to them found a solution and can share it with us.



    it’s hard to say without the issue being present. can you recreate the problem on another site for us to see what is happening?

    not that it should be an issue, but i’d try upgrading to the latest version of genesis as you’re running 1.8.2 and the latest is 1.9.2.


    Bill Murray

    @lisle55 – My quick reaction is that your changes to the slider settings were a coincidence and not likely connected to your real problem.

    Since your problem is intermittent, it is probably connected to traffic and free resources on your server. I think Media Temple servers are configured with a numfile limit, which is a limit on the # of open files. If traffic causes the # of open files to go above that limit, then opening your stylesheet would fail and that would produce the result you saw. As visitors come and go, the # of open files will change, so the problem can disappear just as quickly as it appears.

    I think there’s a command that can tell you what your numfile limit is, and what # of files you presently have open. You could also check with MT to see if going above the limit triggers an error that gets written to a log file.

    I recommend you focus your attention on server resources and how the available resources change with traffic. If MT can point you to tools for you to track available resources or where error conditions might be written to a log, I think that’s your best hope of resolving an intermittent error like this. If you phrase your questions to them that you just want help tracking available resources (e.g. memory, file limits, etc), you might have better luck than telling about your specific WP error.

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