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    Hi – I am currently editing the Executive Theme – change colours/fonts etc:

    Executive Theme here:

    My site here:

    The home page button used to show up in the dark green colour when I was on that page – it now doesn’t…

    However, if I go to any other page, the “current” selection changes to the dark green, just not on the Home page…

    Any suggestions anyone?

    Also this theme doesn’t seem to allow sub pages within a section within the navigation to highlight the main button to show you are in that section.

    Is there a workaround for this?

    Any suggestions welcomed.





    Update – I can sort of see why this is not working.

    As the Home page is not really a physical page as it is made up of various widgets. Plus I have called the page “Welcome to VLS” as I didn’t want it to say “Home” at the top… so to add this to the menu I had to create a custom link for the main menu.

    I have created a page called “Home” and if I add this to the menu this does then highlight green if selected. But then it doesn’t have the slider widget at the top….

    Can anyone help on this please?



    PS: Navigation Label and Title Attribute are both called “Home” in this custom menu item



    I have fixed this issue – saw another post on here suggesting to someone to click “View All” on the pages window in the Edit Menus page. Lo and behold a link to my home wage appeared.

    So I dragged this into the menu and deleted my custom home button and lo and behold, the button highlights green when selected!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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