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    All I want to do is to customize the category results. I don’t want the full post to display. I want a thumbnail, a title, and maybe an excerpt.

    There is no category.php, there is no archives.php (only archive.php).

    I’ve figured out how to hide the post content, but that’s not enough.

    I need help.

    Do I create a category template? Do I just deal with this in functions.php?

    What are the actions and filters? I can’t find them because I do not know what template the category results is using.



    There is no archives.php in the WordPress template heirarchy, only archive.php
    See this image:

    from this page:

    First, have you looked at the Genesis Theme settings:
    Genesis > Theme Settings in the section Content Archives

    You can use this to customize your blog, archive, and category listings. They will all be the same though, so if you want the category archive to be different, you would need to do something else.

    You can create a category.php template for your theme, or you can add conditional code to your functions.php using
    is_category() { /* your code */ }

    This tutorial can help you; it has the hook you need to remove the content, if all you want is an image and title.

    To get the featured image, you would want to make sure that in Genesis > Theme Settings in the section Content Archives you have checked Include the Featured Image.

    If you want to remove the post info and post meta, which may be all you want to do, this page will help

    This is the Genesis Hook reference, in case you need to remove anything else.

    Let me know how you do with this.



    Thank you, Marcy.

    Content Archives does not work for me, because I need the Cat results to be different from the main blog page.

    Last night I set up a new category php template, and used that to remove the content. I was unable, however, to change the image size.

    I’ve been trying to change the image size all day, and the size of the H2, no luck.

    I need to change the Category result to show a custom size image, to show the post title and a short excerpt to the right of said image.

    I’m getting to the point (after using Pagelines, Genesis, and various themes) where it seems that I should have just started w the basic WP 2012 and gone from there.

    It is practically impossible to find things in themes and frameworks. I’m going to try everything you’ve listed.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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