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    I have a client who’d like to allow visitors to subscribe to comments on specific posts. I’ve discovered a plugin that I think would fit what she has in mind. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

    I’ve got it installed and activated but it seems like the option to subscribe should be before the ‘post comment’ button rather than after it.

    The plugin includes instructions to add the following to the comments.php file wherever you’d like the new subscribe option to appear:

    <?php if (function_exists('subscribe_reloaded_show')) subscribe_reloaded_show(); ?>

    I’ve put a copy of the ‘comments.php’ file from Genesis into my child theme but adding the above code seems to only work if I’d like to move it above the comment form entirely, not between the comment fields and the submit button. I’m still learning PHP and hoping maybe someone could help with the additional code needed to squeeze this new option into the actual comment form itself (rather than before or after it).

    The website that I’m working can be found here:

    If there’s another plugin that I should be using to allow this type of comment subscription I’m certainly open to suggestions.

    Thanks so much in advance!


    Jetpack includes this and there are many others.

    Or you can add the code to a custom function with conditional tag and display in any location using any of the genesis hooks.

    Here’s a full list of all comment form hooks.



    Thank you Brad. I couldn’t get the github code to work but I think the check box option that jetpack uses makes it less important that the option is displayed before the ‘post comment’ button.

    The hooks all seem to refer to options outside of the form itself. What I was originally hoping to do was add the new subscription option between ‘comment-form-comment’ and ‘form-submit’. If that’s an easy adjustment to the code you’d included above I’d still love to try that. If not, no worries. I appreciate all your help. :)



    Changing the hook is easy but it seems you have already tried them.

    I think you might need to use the genesis comment form args to get it in the correct position however these are no longer used for Genesis 2.0 as WordPress 3.6 comments are now HTML 5.



    Good to know Brad. I think I’ll leave things the way they are for now and keep an eye on the options that become available with the HTML 5 changes coming shortly. Thanks again so much for all your help!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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