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    I am building my first Agentpress site and I am a bit confused, I am adding my listing to my home-page(featured listing), those listings that I am inputting  have a view page which I believe, I have to purchase a plugin from Gravity Forms to make work.  In addition to those featured listings, I intend t setup IDX search for clients to access all the listing in Multiple Listing from my site.  Additionally, I want to edit my menus to have a header name properties, which will have subheader  of the three  couties that I work, and another subheader with cities, this will lead into a search that provides the listings form icons on a map, programmed there and give access to my agent to be able to caputure the leads from those searches.  See a varied  example of this on under properties, by clicking the map and the property.  How can I develop something close to this with  the tool here?  Can Gravity Forms achieve this?  Can I set up this kind of search, and use some of the properties as featured properties?  Can the process be programmed/automated to reduce the work?  How can I achieve anything close to this with the tools available here? Do I need any other tools?  Having an understanding of the concept of what I am trying to achieve, do you have any other suggestions on how to do this easier?  My site is, my email is  Thank you in advance for your suggestions and input.


    Jared Williams

    You DO NOT need to purchase Gravity Forms in order to use the AgentPress theme. It’s a great plugin if you would like to create better forms…but it’s not a requirement for any StudioPress theme.

    You should be adding your listings through the “Listings” Custom Post Type, located directly under the “Posts” tab.

    It looks like you have only added images to the post. Once you add all of your listing’s details, you should insert the different shortcodes into the body. This will display your Property Details, Map, Video, etc.

    Keep in mind that all listings added through AgentPress will have to be done manually. It’s not  a feed like IDX…


    Setting up IDX search should be no problem, especially if you use something like dsIDXpress from Diverse Solutions. I have set it up a few times in the past and haven’t had any issues…

    The plugin also has quite a few widgets that you can add to feature properties and other info, so I do not think you will have a problem capturing leads. (Be sure you purchase the Pro version for lead capture. The basic doesn’t have it)

    You will need to make sure that your IDX provider has your local chapter available. If they do, you will need RETS access then will be on your way.


    As for your navigation, if you want to create menu items like your example I would use a plugin like UberMenu or Mega Menu. That should help you create the type of navigation that you want.

    You would then be able to add your “Listings”, even link to the different taxonomies if you wanted, and also add custom links from your IDX solution.

    Creating something similar to your example is doable. Let me know if you have any more questions.





    Jared…thank you for your kind suggestions.  I am looking into them.  You mentioned I didn’t have to use  Gravity Forms, do you have any other suggesions that will generate a professional look?  I am looking to have CMS done to reflect when the listing is accessed the form provides the agent’s photo and contact info attached to the listing, (see here) Springs.  BTW, can I contact you outside of here with any questions?

    I welcome input from other  members here,  thanks all.






    To add some more follow up,  I checked with Diverse Solutons, their dsIDXpress, it caters to a single agent, and is not ideal for a small office.  It appears as if IDXBroker might be a better solution.  Any other suggestions?  Any other good economical IDX broker experience?


    Jared Williams

    Ah! I see now…You could go about that a couple of ways.


    Depending on how many agents you have, and what you will be adding to the sidebar, you could install Simple Sidebars plugin and create different sidebars for each agent.

    You would add their photo, info, etc. and yes…use Gravity Forms to capture a lead.

    If you have a ton of agents that might be somewhat of a hassle, but you would be able to assign a specific sidebar on each listing.


    You could create different user accounts on the site for each agent. Have them fill out their info and check the box “Enable Author Box on this User’s Posts?”

    Their info would then be loaded at the end of each listing.

    Additionally, you could create multiple contact forms to add to the end of each listing…like this..

    You may need to follow some of the suggestions on this page in the old forum.

    There was a great example of how to use the Widget Logic plugin to create dynamic user profiles depending on the listing being shown.


    I haven’t used IDX Broker but yes, they have options for teams and offices. Those two are the only ones that I have really heard of, and have seen live.

    You can contact me through my website if you would like, especially if you need help on you site, but if it’s about this topic I would suggest lets keep the conversation here for now. Other people may have the same issues and it would benefit them as well :)



    I have worked with IDX Broker for offices and our clients have been happy with it.   It fits nicely into AgentPress too.

    As far as economical, I find that if you are selling real estate $100-$150 per month for your whole office of 10-20 agents is VERY inexpensive.

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