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    We are designing a website for a company that has two locations.  The home page will be a common page of content for both locations.  On the home page will be menu (links) to each of the locations which will direct to a landing page for the respective location.

    The menu on the individual location landing pages will need to be unique and be different than the Home page.

    How can we make the menu’s different for these individual pages ?

    For Example:

    Home Page:


    Location A (to landing page)

    Location B (to landing page)

    Location A:

    Pricing A

    Schedule B

    Location B:

    Pricing B

    Schedule C











    I was able to just simply change the words in the plugin from secondary to primary in all instances and the menu control switched to primary.

    On another related question if I’m using a category menu in the menu structure when that menu is activated is there a way to control the resulting primary navigation menu.  (ie. keep it put)  As it stands when I select a category menu that brings up all the posts by a category vs. an individual post by itself,  the resulting Default Primary Menu takes back over.



    Disregard the above, completely missed part of the base functionality…hello.

    Hopefully the Primary to Secondary part helps someone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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