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    I use the minimum theme. When using photos in a post, at times I’ve gone back to resize them and I notice the image “title” is blank. I’ve put a new title and saved it and a day later gone back and the title is gone again. The caption and alt text remain.

    In addition, some posts are showing me a box to insert an excerpt… while others do not.

    what gives?





    Bill Murray

    Intermittent things like this are tough to pin down. I haven’t heard of any WP problems in this area, but the media library did undergo a lot of changes in WP 3.5, so maybe it is an issue. Solving it usually requires being able to reproduce it on a relatively consistent basis. Two standard debugging techniques are to a) deactivate all plugins and b) switch to a default WP theme. In this case, it’s very unlikely this is theme related, but it could be connected to another plugin.

    Your best bet is to be very observant and try to document the steps you went through where you see the error.

    On the excerpt issue, note the Screen Options pull down in the upper right of your post edit screen. The Excerpt has to be checked to display. The Screen Options should persist as long as a) you don’t change them, b) log in using the same browser, and c) log in using the same user name. If one of those things change, the excerpt might be visible in 1 instance because it’s checked, and not visible in another because it’s unchecked. However, if you keep those variables constant, your setting for the display of the excerpt field shouldn’t change.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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