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    Carla the Moose

    I’m not sure where I can get help for this, so I thought I’d start here.

    For my website I’m drawing five different images. They need to fill a set width and height. I use SketchBook for my drawings and Pixelmator for image editing. From what I can tell, there isn’t a way to set the size of the canvas when I’m drawing in SketchBook. This means my images resize somewhat differently. The line thickness will vary, even though I’m using the same diameter drawing tools, and things just don’t look cohesive between the drawings because they’re being resized to fit inside certain dimensions.

    I’m not sure how to address this problem. The only option I can see is to use tape and mark out the drawing space on the sides of my iPad’s screen. If I can draw within that space, then my uploaded images should fit nicely inside their designated spaces on my website. But I’m looking for an easier way to do this.

    Can anyone recommend drawing software that will let me set the canvas dimensions? Or do you know of some nice websites that delve into things like this?

    Thank you!!



    Not sure you ask the right question in the right forum. This forum is about Genesis framework and StudioPress child themes (obviously) and you ask a question about photo drawing/editing…


    Carla the Moose

    This is a general discussion area for anything related to websites and WordPress.

    A few days ago I found a great drawing app for the iPad called Procreate. It’s awesome and lets you customize the canvas size. It’s the best drawing app I’ve used to date. I used to upload images to a widget and fiddle with the width and height. WordPress makes this easy to do, but it still resulted in some difference between my images, since I wasn’t able to draw them on the same canvas size.

    So for anyone reading this, I recommend this app. If you need to upload images to different areas of your website not covered by the widgetized areas provided by your theme or WordPress, you can always add a new area like I did.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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