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    Hi there,

    Ive used the snippet of code supplied by studiopress to change the breadcrumb text, but i cant find how to change some parts.

    Where can i remove the strong tags around the current page?

    And how can i change the symbols between the links? I am not fond of the >>

    Hope anyone can help :-)

    //* Modify breadcrumb arguments.
    add_filter( 'genesis_breadcrumb_args', 'sp_breadcrumb_args' );
    function sp_breadcrumb_args( $args ) {
    	$args['home'] = 'Home';
    	$args['sep'] = ' / ';
    	$args['list_sep'] = ', '; // Genesis 1.5 and later
    	$args['prefix'] = '<div class="breadcrumb">';
    	$args['suffix'] = '</div>';
    	$args['heirarchial_attachments'] = true; // Genesis 1.5 and later
    	$args['heirarchial_categories'] = true; // Genesis 1.5 and later
    	$args['display'] = true;
    	$args['labels']['prefix'] = 'You are here: ';
    	$args['labels']['author'] = 'Archives for ';
    	$args['labels']['category'] = 'Archives for '; // Genesis 1.6 and later
    	$args['labels']['tag'] = 'Archives for ';
    	$args['labels']['date'] = 'Archives for ';
    	$args['labels']['search'] = 'Search for ';
    	$args['labels']['tax'] = 'Archives for ';
    	$args['labels']['post_type'] = 'Archives for ';
    	$args['labels']['404'] = 'Not found: '; // Genesis 1.5 and later
    return $args;

    (backup before making changed) Add above code to functions.php file, if already there then look for this line [ $args[‘sep’] = ‘ / ‘;]

    Here change / to any separator of your choice. Also, can you elaborate of strong tags issue?



    Hi Davinder,

    Thank you for elaborating! I added the php code, and I have the slash set as a seperator, exactly like your example, but it is not showing up. Instead I’ve got the following: »

    Making my breadcrumbs look like:

    You are now here: Home » Inspiration » The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

    The last part about the quick brown fox is being put between strong tags by default, giving it a font-weight of 700. I’d like that to change, but I have no idea where to look.

    The other changes I made to your code, like translating You are here do work, so the code itself seems to work?


    Can you share your website url? Also, are you using any seo plugin like SEO by Yoast – such plugins over-ride breadcrumb setting sometimes.




    thank you for your eye-opener.

    Although I would love to share my site url (even though I have an ‘under construction’ running), I won’t take up any more of your time.

    Unchecking the Yoast plugin: and there it is! All works fine now, apart from the egg that’s on my face :-)


    Dekraan, glad you figured it out. Do share your website once its complete – always good to see creative sites powered by Genesis goodness.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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