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    Issue: Trying to get the logo to the top left corner of the header bar.

    Website URL:


    So far I’ve tried: 

    (1) Uploading a 1140×120 image with logo, site name and strapline. But this goes straight across the top and behind the menu in the header right section.

    (2) Uploading 490×120 image but the upload feature just wants to crop that to the dimensions of 1140×120.

    (3) If I miss off any image at all then the default Education title appears, regardless of the fact I’ve got header text in my Genesis Theme Settings.


    For the time being:  I’ve uploaded a mainly white 1140×120 image and just stuck the logo into it. Thus I’ve managed to get the logo to the right of the header text as a temporary solution.


    Need a solution: Going forward I need to be able to work out how to (a) get the header text to move to the right (same distance as width of logo) or (b) how to load an image that will go top left, but is not full 1140 and therefore won’t fall behind menu & header right text.



    Hope someone can help – big thanks in advance to anyone who can save me.





    Sorted – after half a blueberry muffin, tweaking image uploaded and finding this link (solution 3 worked for me):


    Re my image – went ahead with 1140×120 but manually kept everything to the left of where my header menu would start. Everything else is white space so it doesn’t matter.

    Probably not the smartest fix, but it’s done for the job for now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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