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    We are designing and are using the Education theme.  In the home featured section, we are using Featured Page widgets.  This includes pulling in some content from the pages and then a “Read More” button.  The buttons are not complete horizontally aligned.  Any suggestions on how to align the “Read More” buttons?

    Thanks for any help,




    Hi Julie,

    You could get hacky and try to align those via CSS, but that could mess things up on your mobile display. I’d recommend tailoring your intro text to be the same length for each element and inserting the <!–more–> tag. Then you can use display full content in those widgets (I *think*) and it’ll only bring back whatever content is above the <!–more–> tag.

    So your about us page might look like this:


    Welcome to Kindred Homes & Construction (KHC) website! We build custom homes, remodels and additions, as well as new commercial construction.


    the rest of your page…


    Then, in your featured page widget, set it to return “Content” instead of “Content Excerpt”. If each page has about the same number of characters before the <!–more–> page, it’ll even out. :)

    Maybe not the best approach, but it’s what I’d try!

    Also, you could decrease your font size on those page titles (#home-featured .featured h2 a) so they all fit on one line OR change About Us and Custom Homes to be slightly longer so they bump to two lines for uniformity.



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    Thank you so much for your response.  I appreciate it!


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