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    I have just about used up everything I can find on the internet, and my own common sense on this problem, and I am wondering if anyone here could help me out on this :)

    I have built it off of the Modern Portfolio theme, but have customized a lot of it for the client’s purposes.

    Under the main image of the site is a green bar that houses the Genesis eNews Extended plugin. On regular desktop screens, the widget centers. Well on iPads and other lower resolution screens the submit button drops down to a second line. This was very frustrating for the client, and I tried everything I could, and still could not resolve the issue. So as a last resort, I set it to align left at 1250px which seems to be the breaking point. This also frustrates the client because she wants the optin bar to be centered.

    I’m at a loss as far as what to do, maybe somebody out there could help, as we have spent too much time on this already. Thanks in advance!



    Hi, just an opinion, but I think what you’ve got works well … until your break to 100% for the form components at 1005px. Try changing 100% to 31% at that break, then trigger 100% at ~ 650px.

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    Hmm ok, that’s a good suggestion, but, the client likes it the way it is, except that at 1250px where I adjust the margin to let it align left. She would rather it stay aligned center, but when I do that, on some resolutions the submit button goes down to another line. The client likes them all on the same line until 1005px. But I do appreciate your suggestion, even though she doesn’t like it. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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