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    Green Being


    I was under the impression that the Executive Theme was mobile responsive, but it look terrible on my iPhone.  Looks reasonable on my iPad mini.  did I mess this up somehow with my custom CSS?  I am using the Extender plugin for this.

    Development site:  http://www.roberthashem.com





    If you are using the Genesis Extender, you should submit a support ticket to the plugin developer – http://genesis.extenderplugin.com/contact-us/. Select Support from the drop down. I have had several people email me personally about using that plugin and it’s the plugin, not the theme.



    I’m actually the developer of Genesis Extender and I wanted to mention two things.

    First of all, if anyone does find what seems to be a bug or conflict between Genesis Extender and a Genesis Child Theme by all means email us as linked to by anitac.

    Secondly, regarding:

    “I have had several people email me personally about using that plugin and it’s the plugin, not the theme.”

    I just wanted to point out that this particular issue and most likely the others noted by anitac came about not because of the Genesis Extender Plugin itself, but because of Custom Styles implemented by the end-user THROUGH the Plugin’s Custom CSS feature.

    So to say that this is a Plugin issue is not an accurate statement as the Plugin has no control over what kinds of Custom Styles the end-user implements through it’s styling tools.

    So by all means we’re eager to refine and fix issues and conflicts as they come about, but I think it’s equally important to clarify when something is not actually an issue with the product and just needs some clarification as to where to be careful when customizing your site using it.

    And as I mentioned, if a potential issues does arise you can either contact us via email or even better, you can post your questions in our support forum where our support team will be happy to assist.




    Hi Eric, thank you for chiming in here. I probably phrased my response incorrectly by stating it “was” the plugin without further researching his particular issue. But I have had people inquire to me personally off SP with issues and when turning the plugin off, it resolved their issue. In the future, I will make sure I have them deactivate it to see if their probably continues. If it does, then I will instruct them to contact you guys.



    Hey anitac,

    I do appreciate you taking the time to direct people our way if it looks like they’re having a Plugin issue and I certainly don’t have any expectations for you to provide any personal support, though I appreciate your desire to help the end-user resolve their issue either way.

    Having said that, it appears you don’t quite understand what I’m saying here. In this particular case, for example, if you were to suggest that they de-activate the Plugin, see if that solves their issue, and then use that as a way to determine whether the Plugin is the cause of the problem then you’re missing my point. If, like in this case, it’s the end-user’s Custom CSS that’s causing the issue, and by de-activating the Plugin they are de-activating the Custom CSS that’s causing the issue, they’re getting a “false positive” with regard to thinking it’s the Plugin that’s at fault.

    A better direction would be to suggest that the end-user backup their Custom CSS (this is a simple mouse click in Extender Settings > Import/Export) and then temporarily remove all of their Custom CSS and re-test the issue. Chances are they will see the problem go away and then they can just re-Import their Custom CSS and then remove various sections until they find the styles that are causing the issue.

    Or alternatively, they can just post their Custom CSS into a thread on our support forum (linked to in my previous post), letting us know what issues are being caused by it, and we’d be happy to help determine what tweaks to make. But really, at that point we’re not talking about “Plugin support”, but just general CSS/HTML/Responsive tweaks between the Child Theme and the Custom CSS added by the end-user. But like you guys, we’re always happy to assist where ever we can.

    But just to reiterate my point, Genesis Extender only adds a few styles to the front-end of the site and none of these styles should have any effect on the Child Theme itself. So if styling issue are reported and Genesis Extender is a part of the equation than most likely we’re dealing with Custom CSS added by the end-user through the Genesis Extender Custom CSS tools, not the Plugin itself.


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