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    I have a problem with the featured pages :-

    i need to have 2 widgets for pages – 1 for pages – and one for “featured pages” – with the featured image showing
    according to the admin within genesis i should be able to do this – as the set up details etc allow me to have a widget for the pages and a widget for the featured pages (seperately)

    (if i havent explained this properly – they are 2 completely different types of pages – both different categories , but it would be advantageous to have the picture on the featured pages)

    1. when i make a new page – or try to edit a current page – it will not allow me to select it to be in the “featured pages” widget.

    2. the “featured pages” widget only allows me to select one page at a time to put in the “featured pages” widget,
    under “Page:” it allows you to select one page to show an excerpt of – when i want to show all of the “featured pages”

    3. Also the link text (the page title) is black – not the same color as the rest of the link text – so people wont think its a link – and will not click it. (this is the link text of the “featured page”)

    ALSO :-
    im using genesis with the genesis sample theme

    im also using a 3 column layout
    content – sidebar-sidebar

    The problem is :-
    the content does not all show – some is missing on the right hand side , and has disappeared under the left hand column.
    how do i rectify this ? – because it cant be normal to overlap and cover up the text on the page ?

    many thanks



    Please share you website URL so we can take a look.



    Thank you anitac for your response,
    ok, here it is


    (its 99% text – so nothing to worry about)

    in the left hand sidebar column :-
    “Penis Enlargement Guides” is the “pages”
    and “Penis Enlargement Articles” is the featured pages ( the reason the picture is’nt showing on that one is because i did’nt select a featured image – so that is not the problem)

    “Is penis enlargement possible?”


    is the featured page – and the text on the right of this page is cut off – when it had 2 columns it didnt cut off any text – but i need 3 columns to be able to put everything else in the 2 side columns.

    Also you can see the “Is penis enlargement possible?” text is black – when it should be orange – so people wont know its a clickable link.

    in the widgets admin
    when looking at the “Primary Sidebar”
    under “genesis featured page”
    it has “Page:” – but you can only select one page to put in there (?)
    but it is supposed to be “featured pages” (plural)

    so i cant see how this is supposed to work when you can only put one page in the “featured pages”

    many thanks



    i havent done any additional coding or alterations to the site that would affect anything above




    Unfortunately, because of the content on your site – I am unable to click that link. We’ll have to wait for someone else to respond.



    is there any news on this ?



    Andrea Rennick

    Answered in help desk, where it should have been submitted.

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