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    I’m looking for a Featured Page / Post slider to appear within a full width home Page.

    Looking here:


    it seems to be using the Genesis Responsive Slider. How can I get this to appear on my Page, instead of a sidebar / widget area? Is this a ‘widgetised’ area? I’m guessing that this is a Custom Page template, and therefore has had quite a bit of work?

    As i understand it, the slider would either need to:

    – support shortcodes in order to appear within a page
    – you would place a slider widget within a widget area. Or you would make areas on the Page widgetised.

    I think for me, being a non-coder, the best solution is something that supports shortcodes, I’ve used EasyRotator in the past, but i it’s more of a image slideshow and i have a feeling it’s too clunky / not very SEO friendly.

    I would just buy the theme, but at this moment I’m just putting the layout together to illustrate layout / navigation for a client, I’m not the designer and want to stay away from any strong design features. The sample theme is perfect for this (but the above mentioned Legacy theme is very cool, though!).

    Any insight appreciated, thanks,



    I believe the easiest way to add a full width slider is by creating a widget area if a site doesn’t already have one built in. This tutorial explains how to add a full width slider to the Minimum theme (which by default has a large image on the home page): You could do this with your sample theme:


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    Thanks, Susan. Just the tutorial i was looking for, it’s nearly working, in that the widget area is showing up in Appearence->Widgets, but not quite on the page … I’ll post a question there..

    Many thanks



    Resolved! To quote Carrie Dils, “Instead of the is_home() conditional, you could try is_front_page() -there’s a subtle difference depending on how you’ve got the sample theme set up. ”

    This resolved my problem. Thanks to Carrie and Susan for switching me on to the article!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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