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    Hi everyone!

    This is my first pro blog and first time with genesis! I’m super stoked, but I want my site to look professional and like fun place to hang out. I was hoping you’d give it a glance and tell me what you think! It’s the lifestyle theme and I have a yoga and mindful living blog. If you have any feedback, please reach out! Also, if you might suggest other themes for the future or a change, please let me know and why!

    Thanks for being awesome and amazing!


    Looks good but you can work on number of menu items. Menu is appearing in two lines, remove some items for one line menu – that should look much better.



    Hey Monica, I agree with David on the menu. I also think you should change the navigation background color. There is not enough contrast (the light teal button and white text).

    I think a purple would work well with your color scheme

    .nav-secondary {
    background-color: #684A74;

    you can also try that maroon color in your logo.



    Hey! Thank you so much for your help! I’m workin on the menus, but first i was trying to change the color. I have to apologize because I am a total newbie, but I’m a fast learner, promise! I tried what you told me just by clicking around and experimenting, but I couldn’t get the color to change. I went into my style CSS and tried to change the default color and then some of the other theme colors to that #, but when I refreshed nothing changed over.

    Can you be uber specific with me? Where to I go? Is it the style CSS or another sheet? where in the sheet do I add that. Do I replace that color # or do I just add it somewhere?

    Thanks so so so much for being patient with me!



    sylvia browder

    Hey Monica,
    Very nice and especially for your first time. I definitely agree with Darren and Davinger that you should work on the menu. I also noticed the menu’s font is rather small. Change that background color and when you do, consider changing the color of your social media plugin to match the background color.

    Are you going to use a slider on the home page?

    Otherwise, good job!



    Hi Monica, as per my understanding you have used two navigation bars, one at the top of the page and the other with green background. If possible you may merge the both and shift some items in the footer. Since it is a Yoga website so i think using some lively colors will help.



    Thanks! I wasn’t going to use a slider on the homepage, but maybe I should. Thanks for your compliments! I will change the font size & colors first!



    I was wondering if you had any good tutorials on how to merge the menus? I am so new, but a fast learner!

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