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    Hi there:

    Somehow along the way, I think I messed up the mobile responsiveness of my blog ( It is totally not mobile compatible (I had to install a mobile plugin just to make it bearable on a mobile screen) and the header doesn’t resize according to the size of the screen. Someone had said it would work better once Genesis 2.0 came out, but I’m not seeing any difference. Is there anyway to figure out if I messed up the theme somehow for being mobile responsive?



    I have the same problem. This is my website:
    Now as suggested by many, I start using Nick the Geek’s Genesis Responsive Header plugin and it helps a bit. But now I see a lot white space around the header area. According to Nick, supposedly I can adjust the height manually. But the problem is he didn’t specified how (and he’s not responding to email). Can anyone tell me the exact steps what to do (I am not computer savvy)? Alternatively can someone please just tell me the exact pixel size with the height (i.e. what pixel X what pixel) of each header in each mobile device, so that I could just upload the exact size of header?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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