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    I am using the SAMPLE theme.  I have three footer widget areas.  All of my widgets are displaying vertically instead of spanning the width of the page.  Can you please tell me how to fix this?  The things in my footer are things I am required to display (I am a review blogger among other things.) I don’t really want them cluttering up my sidebar but I think they would look nice spanning the bottom of my page.


    Thanks so much for your help!


    I was attempting to assist you however you have so much script and code running, not to mention your home page is loaded with content that it has locked up my computer twice. I would first cut back on some of that – people will not stay and you may miss out on SEO. I couldn’t even get to the footer area.



    I appreciate your kind willingness to help.  I have to admit I am not sure where to go with the information you provided.  For code, I have a header image, an add before the posts, and that’s it — and all extra code I install using Simple Hooks and all other code is Genesis.  So, I only have three hook codes in Simple hooks.  Regarding scripts, almost everything in my sidebar uses javascript for ads or image links to posts.    I have scripts for ads and sidebar content.  I also have some scripts within post for and products.  I didn’t realize that those would slow load time down.

    I don’t understand what you mean by “loaded with content”  on the home page. Too many posts staying on the homepage?  Maybe I should take it down to three?

    I’ve loaded my page on three computers I never personally use this morning — in other words these are computers that haven’t opened my website before.  The post content loads within five seconds and is fully scrollable, the sidebar content loads in about ten seconds and is fully scrollable and as soon as the sidebar content loads the footer is accessible.  However, I will admit that all of the computers we have in the house are fairly new MACs.  Maybe I need to see what it does on a friend’s PC.  And none of my friends use MACs so that I could find an older one to try.

    I’m willing to make changes, In fact that is what I have been working on.  I’ve been working hard to grow as a blogger and reading everything I can for months.  I’ve been trying to move “stuff” out of my sidebar, that’s what started my whole footer question.   I’m just not sure now what I would remove or should remove since I had already paired it down to what I thought were bare necessities.

    How many sidebar scripts are acceptable? How do folks who have all of the same “stuff” in their sidebar that I have manage it differently?  I was just on a similar page a few days ago that had something like 24 thumbnail ads and way more sidebar content then I have.  How does she do that without bombing her site too?




    I don’t have a limit to provide to you for scripts, and it was merely a suggestion because as I said, for myself – using a fairly new PC and Firefox, it hung up my computer twice. You have a very long scroll reach on there also, so with all that content it would need to load and then be readable.

    I ran your site here –!/BWjaH/ On my end there were 647 requests, load time 15.00s and page size is 9.8MB.



    OK.  I spent the weekend working on speeding up my site, removing stuff, adding a cloudflare account,  and according to the pingdom test I just ran it loaded in 6 seconds.

    Would you be able to help now?



    You don’t h ave the gwfoot-footer-one-area and gwfoot-footer-two-area in there correctly. Take a look at how you registered that widget area. They need to float one right next to the other.


    I’m having the same trouble on BackCountry theme.
    I’ve tried to change the footers to a three column layout but whether I put widgets into footer 1 2 or 3 they all end up under 1 and display vertically instead of horizontally.

    Atitlan Living

    I’ve been researching css code and have replaced it so many times.
    Could it be a plugin?
    What’s going on?
    Thanks in adavnce,

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