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    Many of my clients are asking to have a member login page with also able
    to have a registration page. So that when they go to a certain page like a
    photo gallery or price list page that they have to be signed in to view
    the content. This is the only thing i don’t know how to do and I’m hoping
    you can help me out.

    Heres an example of exactly what i want, this site is not wordpress site
    but its exactly what I’m looking for, to have on a wordpress site.

    Visit this site and click on PHOTOS and there you will see a sign in page
    and a link to join in as a member of the site (registration page).

    Please Help me out

    by the way the site is not made yet but I’m looking to put it on the
    associate template.


    You’d need some sort of membership plugin to do this. Chris Lema ( has tons of articles comparing different membership plugins for WordPress. Hope that helps!

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    Ya this kinda helps, is there another site that i can look at, i like what chris has on his site but i need something basic, i don’t need a paid member ship page. I’m doing this site for a client and its another club promotor website like and he wants the something when you click on photos people have to login to access the photos of event nights and if they don’t have a login the would have to register. This other site that I’m working on wants the something but they want to restrict people from seeing a price list and this is for an art gallery.

    let me know

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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