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    akshay kanyal

    I am using genesis responsive slider on Generate Theme – the slider is in the generate box but the box background is showing up – how can I ensure that only the slider shows up and not the box?


    Are you talking about the dark/black border around the slider itself?


    akshay kanyal

    yes i want just the image in the slider and not the dark/black border


    This should be simple; add this to style.css:

    #generate-box .wrap {

    This just gets rid of the padding inside of the box and bumps the image up width to compensate. Here’s what it will look like. I tried it in firebug so it should work.

    Now, not to hijack the thread, but the problem I’m having is how to get that widget in to the generate box. I’m trying to add the genesis slider to the generate box; I can add it to the default sidebar but if I add it to the generate box nothing happens. Any tricks or ideas for getting this to work?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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