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    David Chu

    Brad – Thanks for the link! I don’t use Twitter nearly as much as I did a few years ago, but I should start making it a top resource once again.

    Good point. Since they don’t do much announcing at all on the blog here, Twitter is the only way I find out lots of the latest news and fixes.

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    You can easily add a portfolio page template to any theme.

    I have written half a dozen tutorials about how to do this which includes the code which is tested and works.

    Okay? Well, of course there’s always the DIY option. That’s kind of a “no brainer” don’t you think? There are dozens of tutorials out there on how to build a portfolio page in WordPress. However, if i’m going to add all of these extra things in, what do I need the Genesis theme for? I can work with the 2013 WordPress default.

    I’m simply saying that it would be nice for Studiopress to offer something above the competition or shoot — even something above what the standard default 2013 WordPress theme offers. I mean, even the default WordPress theme now has HTML5 and mobile-responsiveness built in.

    My suggestions are not meant to be taken personally. I think every good company always strives to stay ahead of or at least with the curve in some way. Honest customer feedback is part of that process, right?

    The team is obviously talented beyond belief. No question there.




    I’m not staff however they do offer a page for feedback.

    I think you’ll find it significantly easier to add a portfolio page to any child theme running Genesis than the default theme.



    I just found this forum thread and found it quite relevant to a conundrum I’m in right now. I have been and am still eagerly awaiting the updated Genesis 2.0 Magazine Pro theme. I think with some customization I can make it pretty solid, and I can’t wait to try it out. But just today I noticed the Hot Topix theme at ThemeForest and my jaw literally dropped. Out of the box, this theme is gorgeous. If I weren’t already using the Genesis Framework, I would’ve bought that within seconds of seeing it. Too bad it won’t run on Genesis 2.0, to be honest.

    I think this is a good discussion to have, because it gets right at the crux of where the Web seems to be struggling. Why does there seem to be a need to sacrifice sleek and gorgeous with responsive and well-coded? I’ve heard some occasionally sketchy things about ThemeForest security, which puts me on edge about the new Hot Topix theme, but I’m honestly torn because I love how that theme looks. If StudioPress could get visuals designs like that, but that also had the clean code, SEO and security we all know and love about Genesis 2.0, there’s no reason StudioPress wouldn’t take over the world.



    Yes, it’s the point I wanted to put attention on.
    Unfortunately it seems that Studiopress is not interested in making cool designs, since they (I think) prefer to focus on genesis core. I respect their vision, but I think it’s going to be a break to the adoption of Genesis 2.0 and a favor to themeforest and other selling platform. Orp probably to other frameworks with more out of the box designs that can emerge in future.
    I’m a Pro Plus Genesis customer. But I’ll have no problems to pay every single theme more, if the quality would be that.



    I go back and forth on this topic. As Brad says, it’s easy to add a portfolio to a theme. The problem is that the portfolios just don’t operate the way I want. I have a photography site without a portfolio right now because I don’t like the small images that go with the Minimum theme portfolio.

    When I want someone to look at a collection of my work, I want it large enough to smack them in the face. Looking at all of the photography/portfolio themes in the Genesis stable, I can’t say there’s a single one that I would choose. I truly like Minimum for my blog, but it’s not great at showing my photos.



    William, I was struggling with the default WordPress Gallery as well but then found this solution.

    Could you use this + by choosing say a page without sidebars, manually set your thumbnails to as large as you want to use as your Portfolio page?

    Plus, this is responsive. Works across all the various devices I have access to.



    You can change the display to 50% so each image takes up half the content width and make the images larger.



    @Mealtog – Thanks, I’ll take a look.

    @braddalton – Have you ever looked at the Gleam theme from Elegant Themes? What I truly want is something like that – full page with no bleed, except my menu bar at the top. Now that’s a portfolio page. If only I could hook that kind of photo display into Minimum Pro.

    One of the 3rd party vendors has a Genesis theme with a somewhat similar screen display for the photo, but they screw it up in other ways that make it unacceptable to me.

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