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    Hi! :)

    I posted earlier here about a problem with the genesis grid loop.
    I thought the problem was resolved but turns out it isn’t. :(

    Here is the previous discussion…

    I am trying to use the genesis grid loop to make a recipe index that will only show the image and post title for categories.
    My blog is here>>>

    Here is a link to the recipe page index

    I was able to remove the date and comment info in the recipe index page
    But when I added to remove the post text the photos also went away.

    .teaser .entry-content {
    display: none;
    visibility: hidden;

    Then someone recommended I add this code to my php…

    // Remove post content for entries in archives
    add_action (‘genesis_meta’,’child_remove_post_content_archives’);
    function child_remove_post_content_archives() {
    if (is_archive()) {
    remove_action( ‘genesis_entry_content’, ‘genesis_do_post_content’ );

    And I did that. It worked perfectly at taking away the text content from the category pages. So all that was showing is the photo and post title. Which is exactly what I want.

    BUT Now all the sudden on my from home page the post meta info (post title and date) are gone and only one post is showing….

    The theme setting are set to “show content” up to 600 words and show featured image.

    Any suggestions???


    I would have done it a different way and just used the settings in the grid to display the image and title.

    Then you could conditionally control the excerpt to remove the text content.

    Where did you get the code from for the grid?

    Can you paste it here please.


    I don’t see setting option in the grid loop to only show the image and title? I only see how many and what size photo…
    I just installed the genesis grid loop plugin.

    Okay maybe you can just help give me some advice since you said you would have set it up differently. I would appreciate it! :)

    This is what I want. I am using the metro theme.
    I want the home page to have one full post. And then 4 excerpts.
    (I was thinking I could use two genesis featured post widgets)

    Then I want the recipe index to just have the title and the post photo.

    The problem is that in order to have the image show up on the recipe index I have to have the “show featured image” option checked in the theme settings. But then it messes up the regular posts on the front page.

    So what is your advice how can I accomplish. One full post on the home page with 4 excerpts under. Then on the recipe index page have only the post title and featured image.

    THANK you so much for your advice!!



    I would add a portfolio custom post type for the recipe categories as that displays the featured image and post title only.

    Its also gives you a new single.php for each CPT which you can customize further using remove and add actions as well as custom fields.

    Then you can use PHP code to display a full post and 4 excerpts on the home page but it seems like you want this in a grid and not using the standard excerpts or themes widgets.

    Also the home page comes with widgets so you would have to remove them if you want to use a grid instead or add the grid before the widgets.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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