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    I see that there is an area to add something to the genesis_after_post_content but why does it show on the page if it is for Post Content? Is there a way to just have the content that I want added here to just the posts and not pages as well?

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    Hi there,

    In WordPress vernacular, both pages and posts are a considered a “post type”, so the genesis_after_post_content hook isn’t reserved just for posts. (Here’s more info in nerd terms).

    To do what you’re wanting, tou’ll need to use a conditional statement along with that hook to only display on pages. Here’s an intro tutorial to conditional statements. You’ll want to use the is_single() check to only show you’re info on posts.

    So you might have a conditional that looks like:

    add_action ( 'genesis_after_post_content', 'add_my_stuff' );
    function add_my_stuff() {
        if ( ! is_single )
        echo 'add your text here';


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    @cdils – I’ve tried your method but cannot seem to make it do what I am trying to do. Hopefully you have an idea regarding this issue:

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