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    Hi, the plug-in works well on my site (Executive Pro Theme):

    But, the ordering is not working. I set ORDER BY to “ID” (should give me ascending) and it gives me descending. I set ORDER BY the “title” and is it still not working.

    I took a screen shot, but cannot find a way to attach.

    Assistance most appreciated!


    what are you using for post id to order?

    What I did that worked was looked at post/page id by going into dashboard _> Posts ( or pages) and hovering over the post title. you will see code with post ID in it. looks something like :

    so the post ID = 193

    and finally worked for me.


    Andrea Rennick

    The responsive slider sorts in descending order, no matter what else you pick.

    Change the setting to by date and then change the dates on the pages to the order you want.

    Putting the page IDs in the field will not sort in the oder you type them in.

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    Thanks, Andrea. Is anyone at Studiopress going to add the descending sort option? How to about the other Genesis slider, will that work well with this theme and I believe it does have the ascending option. Will that work?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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