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    I am using Genesis Simple Sidebars. One of the sidebars I created – I decided I wanted to try to rename it or delete it. There’s something very odd about the sidebar, because somehow it managed to get setup but calls to no ID name.

    Now, I can’t delive it – or even edit it. If I try, it says – “Oops! You are trying to delete a sidebar that does not exist, or cannot be deleted: or if I try to edit – it says, “Oops! You are trying to edit a sidebar that does not exist, or is not editable”

    But it’s appearing in the list of active registered sidebars. Worse yet – it is now adding itself as the “default” sidebar to pages. It wants to override what I have set in place for sidebar choices. And becaues it really has no widgets in it – what happens is the page/post will then go to the default sidebar.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how to remove this one bad instance of the a sidebar? It’s wildly frustrating right now on a deadline. I don’t know how to unhook it…

    I use this plug-in on almost all my client’s websites – never had an issue with it until now!I l also have a note into the Help Desk.

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    You could delete the plugin files and start again however the sidebar i.d may be saved in the database.



    That’s why I’m afraid of – that it might be right in the database? We have multiple sidebars (it’s a rather complicated little website) so I hope this isn’t the case (having to start from scratch).



    Well – I did get a note from the Help Desk – but I am very afraid to go into the database – this is where it crossing my line of being “comfortable”. Deleting the plug-in and adding it back didn’t work, so yes – it’s something now corrupt in the database.

    Unfortunately the only way to do this is by deleting references to it in the database directly.

    This thread shows what to look for:

    What would anyone suggest now? I’m looking right at these instructions and yet I’m pretty sure I have no idea how to do this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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