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    This is probably my incompetence, but I am having several difficulties.

    1) I don’t have the option of using Featured as an option under Taxonomies & Terms – I think I want to set my Featured Image in the slider and it will take people to the right page when they click on it.  They would then see the page as it should be, rather than with the Featured Image front & centre.

    2) How do I figure out my Page ID – I just have titles

    3)  What I want to do is use the slider to direct people to take action – sign up for newsletter, go to ‘About’ Page, etc.  I am pretty sure I can do this, but is that true?

    This is my first time using Genesis and its child themes – and I know most of the issues I’ve found so far have easy solutions.

    I’m testing it at until it’s ready to move to my main site.



    Andrea Rennick

    To use the Featured category like it has in the slider settings image, you have to have exsiting posts in a category called “Featured”.

    To find page ids, because WordPresshides them,

    So you will be using pages OR posts.

    3 – yes.

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    Thanks Andrea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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