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    David Browne
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    I have just given our GenesisDesignr site a revamp. Originally it was on Epik theme, so we had to use a plugin to create the filtered list of themes. This was causing the site to run a little bit too slow and was forcing me down some kind of slow road to insanity, so we have created it manually (using some of the code from minimum pro and by merging a few tutorials) and it works much more fluid now.

    Also, i spent much more time carefully picking out some new fonts and attempting to make the pages as eye pleasing and easy to use as possible. I was forced to use a background texture to ensure the images stand out sufficiently. ps I’m obsessed with collecting resources for Genesis as it can only make me a better designer and this site is basically my ‘refer-to’ site as well as eventually being used as a landing page for clients to hire me/us. Still to create the landing page, but the feel of the site is near where I want it to be. (it will never be 100%, but that is what keeps us going, no?)

    We are Dave & Erin. Full time travellers and designers. Currently in Sydney. Follow us on Google +. I’m new to twitter so be the first to say hey Twitter

    Note: Known to give only give negative critique on design. I don’t mean to offend anybody, it is just more efficient pointing out mistakes than saying “yes, its beautiful” every time. :)

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    Jami Howard Mays
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