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    I’m a WordPress newbie. I’ve also never worked with code, css, php, etc. I’m hoping someone could type out a list for me as to what would be needed to get started with designing my own WordPress blog. I know there are themes and such, but what if I wanted to get knee deep in it? What would be the basics for a WordPress developer?

    The only thing I have done thus far is set-up a MAMP account. Can anyone provide with a “must haves” list? And please, be very specific and include everything, even the basics.

    Thank you in advance.




    Welcome to the world of WordPress and StudioPress – I’m a relative newbie myself, having just got involved with both WordPress and StudioPress in early September. Before I started, I knew a little html, but nothing about css or php. I’m no expert by any means, but have learned a lot in the last 3 months.

    I think the start of the “must have list” is to have a domain, and a hosting service. I don’t know that anyone can provide a complete list which will tell you everything you need to know – I think you just need to install the genesis framework, and a theme (even one of the free themes) on top of it, and then get under the hood, so to speak.

    Here is the link to the tutorials, which should get you pointed in the right direction:

    Welcome aboard, and good luck!

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    Thank you for the welcome! I have uploaded Genesis and child theme (Prose). And also have domain and hosting. I’m curious as to what I would need to design a wordpress site (ie text editor, image editor, etc).

    Thought maybe someone would have a “must have” list :)



    I highly recommend grabbing an FTP client such as Filezilla and a code editor. While you can get by editing the template files and style sheet in the WP editor it does not provide the ability to revert through changes you make (and you will be making mistakes so being able to revert easily a big time saver), or syntax and error highlighting which will also save you time and headaches. And of course I recommend installing the Firebug add on for Firefox or using Chrome’s Firebug Lite which will enable you to right click on any element to inspect it and determine the associated style rules or the selectors required to create new style rules. If you are using Firefox I also recommend installing the Web Developer Toolbar add on.

    As for plugins there are a few that I always install, the Genesis Featured Widget Amplified (can’t imagine sending a site out into the wild without it), a maintenance mode plugin, so no one sees the mess, and Regenerate Thumbnails, since I inevitably change image sizes after uploading files.

    And of course if you are going to be creating graphics you’ll need a decent graphics editor. I use Adobe Fireworks for most everything supplemented by Illustrator and Photoshop but a decent free editor is Gimp (although I haven’t used it in several years I can only imagine that it has gotten better and would meet most needs).

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    Thank you VERY much. This really helped! I’m looking forward to getting started. I’m sure you’ll see me around here often asking questions :)


    For playing around learning theme designing, it is always good to setup WordPress on your local PC.

    1. Use WAMP software to install WordPress offline on your computer.

    2. Install Genesis and child theme (you can use free base child theme for studiopress).

    3. Understand and try to learn on Genesis Hooks. See here “”, there is also plugin for real time learning.

    4. Once you know hooks location, goto Studiopress tutorials section and try few codes in functions.php and see what changes they do.

    In this way, you will get hang of things and then move CSS Style changes for modifying look of the website theme.

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